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Contents by Title of Work

Above the Clouds Paperweight
Above the Treetops Paperweight
Abundance Hallucination
Abundance Plaque
After the Storm Paperweight
Amaryllis Bouquet paperweight
Amaryllis Ikebana
Amaryllis with White Thistle Paperweight
Amber Sunflower Scent Bottle
Angels Breath Bouquet Paperweight
Apache Basket native basket
Apple Blossom Flora Sphere
Awakening Cairn

Beauty Bouquet
Bird's Eye View Paperweight
Black-Eyed Susan
Black-Eyed Susan Bud Vase
Bloom Bouquet
Bloom Cairn
Blossom Illusion
Blossom Stone
Blue Wonder
Blueberry Bouquet Mini Paperweight
Blueberry Hallucination
Bluebird and Forget-me-not Window Sculptural Form
Bluebirds with Nest Paperweight
Bluebird Square Sculptural Form
Bluebonnet Bouquet Paperweight
Bluebonnet Bouquet Illusion
Blue Dahlia Hallucination
Blue Dahlia Bouquet Paperweight
Blue Poppy Bowl
Blue Poppy Hallucination
Blue Poppy Bouquet Illusion
Blue Poppy Bouquet Paperweight
Blue Poppy Scent Bottle
Blue Rose with Blue Dichronic Butterfly Magnum
Blue Rose Cube
Blue Rose Mini Hallucination Sculptural Form
Bountiful Paperweight
Butterfly Dream Paperweight

Cairn Sculpture
Calla Lily Ikebana
Cardinal with Daffodils Sculptural Form
Carnation Bouquet Paperweight
Cave Sculptural Form
Celebration Spiral Illusion
Celebration Paperweight
Cherokee Basket native basket
Cherry Blossom Bouquet Paperweight
Cherry Blossom Double Sided Bouquet Paperweight
Cheyenne Basket native basket
Chickadee on a Branch with Painted Background Paperweight
Chickadee on Plum Sculptural Form
Chicory Flora Sphere
Clematis Vine Bouquet Paperweight
Cosmos with Amethyst Scent Bottle
Cosmos Earthen Vessel
Cranberry Bouquet Paperweight
Cut Flower Bouquet with Pink Lilies and Purple Irises Paperweight

Daffodil Flora Sphere
Dahlia Battuto
Dahlia Bouquet Paperweight
Daisy Bouquet Paperweight
Daffodil with Blueberries Miniature Paperweight
Daffodil Bouquet Hallucination Miniature
Diamond White Rose Sculptural Form
Double Daisy Bouquet Paperweight
Double Pink and White Rose Faceted Sculptural Form
Double Sided Daffodil Bouquet Paperweight
Double Sided Red Rose Bouquet Faceted Sculptural Form
Dusk Paperweight

Earthen Charms Sculptural Form
Elegance Paperweight
Emerging Planet Paperweight
Enchanted Garden Paperweight
Enchantment Bouquet Paperweight
Endless Summer Paperweight
English Robin Plaque
Essence collaboration

Festive Bouquet Paperweight
Field of Dreams
Fields of Summer
First Collaborative Bouquet Paperweight
First Kiss Sculptural Form
Flora Paperweight
Floral Faceted
Flutter Stone
Flutter Paperweight
Forbidden Fruit Paperweight
Forget-me-not Flora Sphere
Forget-me-not Paperweight by Melissa Ayotte
Forget-me-not Paperweight by Rick Ayotte
Frog on Lotus Cube
Frog Natural Still Sculptural Form
Fruit Bouquet Hallucination

Garden Meditation Window Sculptural Form
Glasscape Paperweight
Golden Thread Paperweight
Goldfinch Square
Graceful Paperweight
Green Hydrangea Flora Sphere
Green Scent with Yellow Rose Vessel
Green Stone with Cinquefoil Sculptural Form

Harmony Paperweight
Harvest Paperweight
Harvest Bouquet Paperweight
Harvest Moon Paperweight
Hawk With Frog Paperweight
Heading South Paperweight
Healing Stone with Yellow Lady Slipper
Heron Block
Hidden Jewel Hallucination
Hidden Jewel Paperweight
Hidden Jewel Stone
Hummingbird Small Bowl with Anethyst Background
Hummingbird with Trumpet Flower Window Sculptural Form

In the Beginning Paperweight
Indian Paintbrush Paperweight
Innocence Double Bouquet on Pedestal Sculptural Form
Innocence Paperweight

Jewel Cairn
Jewel of the Pampas
Joie de Vivre

Lady Slipper Bud Vase
Lady Slipper Glass Sculpture
L'Amour Paperweight
La Femme Bud Vase
La Soleil Sculptural Form
Lavender Rose Bouquet Hallucination
Lavender Bouquet Paperweight
Lavender Bouquet Stone
Lavender Chicory Miniature Paperweight
Lavender Bouquet in Light Green Stone Sculptural Form
Lavender Rose Bouquet Bowl
Lavender Rose with Purple Translucent Groud Paperweight
Le Printemps Paperweight
Light Blue Rose Scent Bottle
Lily and Blueberry Ikebana Bouquet Paperweight
Lily Ikebana
Little Black Dress Sculptural Form
Long Billed Hummingbird Small Bowl
Love Story Paperweight
Low Tide Paperweight

Mae Sculptural Form
Magic Moments Paperweight
Magnolia Warbler on Magnolia Paperweight
Man is the Moon Sculptural Form
May Basket Paperweight
Mayan Offering Sculptural Form
Midsummer Garden
/ Miniature Narcissus Hallucination
Miniature Chicory Bud Vase
Mod Basket native basket
Modern Dress Form Sculptural Form
Moonlight Paperweight
Mother and Child
Mother Earth Paperweight
Mother Nature Paperweight
Mountain Bluebird Paperweight
Mountain Home
Multi-Rose Hallucination
Mum Bouquet Paperweight
The Muse Paperweight

Narcissus Bouquet Stone
Narcissus Paperweight
Narcissus Stone
Navajo Basket native basket
Navajo Basket with Blue Triangles native basket
Navajo Burden Basket native basket
Nectar Lovers Paperweight
Nectar Paperweight
New England Flowers Paperweight
New Life Paperweight
Nexus Cairn

'One' Cairn
One Love Paperweight
Orchid Bouquet Paperweight
Owl Sculptural Form

Pansy Bouquet Paperweight
Papaver Paperweight
Paphiopedilum Orchid Plaque
Paphiopedilum Orchid with Black Background Sculptural Form
Pastel Paperweight
Pastel Rose Bouquet with Pale Butterfly Paperweight
Peach Bowl
Peony Paperweight
Peony and Apple Blossoms Paperweight
Peony Bouquet Paperweight
Petite Red Rose Scent Bottle
Pink Paperweight
Pink Battuto Sculptural Form
Pink Calla Lily Ikebana
Pink Clematis Ikebana
Pink Daisy Flora Sphere
Pink Flora Sphere
Pink Lady Slipper Plaque
Pink Lily Miniature Paperweight
Pink Orchid Bouquet Paperweight
Pink Rhododendron Stone
Pink Rose Paperweight
Pink Rose Bouquet with Soft Pink Background Paperweight
Pink Rose Cube
Pink Rose Scent Bottle
Pink Scent Bottle with Light Pink Flower
Pink Tea Rose and Lilac Bouquet Paperweight
Pink Tea Rose Miniature Bouquet Paperweight
Pink Waterlily with Purple Scent Bottle
Pink and White Bouquet on Pink Dichroic Background Paperweight
Pink and White Rose Bouquet Bud Vase
Pink Wonder
Plentiful Paperweight
Plum Bouquet Paperweight
Pod No. 1 Dahlia
Poppy Bouquet with Butterfly Sculptural Form
Purity Bouquet Paperweight
Purple Clematis Ikebana
Purple Clematis Paperweight
Purple Prarie

Radiance Paperweight
Radiant Window Sculptural Form
Rainbow Falls
Red Battuto
Red Dahlia Flora Sphere
Red Gerber with Golden Butterfly Paperweight
Red Plum Bouquet Paperweight
Red Poppy Bouquet Paperweight
Red Poppy Scent Bottle
Red Rose with Blueberries Miniature Paperweight
Red Rose Bouquet Bowl
Red Rose Cube
Red Rose Bouquet with Kelp Battuto Sculptural Form
Red Rose Diamond Sculptural Form
Red Rose on Black Background
Red Rose Hallucination
Red Rose with Pink Lilies Miniature Paperweight
Red Rose Scent Bottle
Red Rose Sculpture
Red Rose Bouquet Small Bowl
Red Rose Spiral Scent Bottle
Red Rose Bouquet Bud Vase
Red and White Bouquet on Black and White Background Paperweight
Reflections Paperweight
Remembrance Paperweight
Rosa Paperweight
Rose Bouquet Paperweight
Roses in Black Bowl
Roses in Yellow Bowl
Royal Blue Mini Triple

Sacred Lotus Paperweight
Salamander Natural Still Sculptural Form
Salmon Brook Paperweight
School Days Paperweight
Searching Stone
Single Rose Bowl
Sioux Burden Basket native basket
Soft Ikebana
Soul Kiss Sculptural Form
Soulmates Paperweight
Southern Belle Paperweight
Spirit Stone
Spring Battuto Sculptural Form
Spring Bouquet Paperweight
Spring Daffodils Double Sided Bouquet Paperweight
Spring White Forget-me-not Sculptural Form
Starbright Flora Sphere
Starburst Paperweight
Star Bright Illusion
Star Bright Orchid with Purple Flash Paperweight
Still of the Night Paperweight
Stormy Sky Paperweight
Summer Paperweight
Summer Garden Paperweight
Summer Glory Paperweight
Summer in New England Paperweight
Summer Joy
Summer Night Paperweight
Summer's End Paperweight
Summertime Bouquet Paperweight
Sunday Paperweight
Sunflower with Goldfinch Bud Vase
Sunflower Hallucination
Sunflower Healing Stone
Sunflower in Rusted Vessel
Sunflower Scent Bottle
Sunny Day Paperweight
Sweet Release Paperweight
Sweetness Paperweight

Tea Rose Paperweight
The Kiss Sculptural Form
Tiger Lily and Lilac Bouquet Paperweight
Toad Natural Still Sculptural Form
Together Paperweight
Tranquility Bouquet with Blue Morph Butterfly Paperweight
Trillium Sculptural Form
Turtle with Lily Natural Still Life Sculptural Form
Turtle Natural Still Sculptural Form

Victorian Nosegay Paperweight

Waterlily with Koi Fish Sculptural Form
Wedding Bouquet Bud Vase
White Bouquet Faceted with Green Background Paperweight
White Forget-me-not Flora Sphere
White Mountain Wonder Paperweight
White Pink Rose Scent Bottle
White Pond Lily Paperweight
White Rose Cranberry Scent Bottle
White Rose Green Scent Bottle
Wildflower Cairn
Wildflower Cairn II
Wild Posy Paperweight
Wild Rose Paperweight

Yellow Battuto Paperweight
Yellow Daffodil on Amethyst Background Paperweight
Yellow Rose Bouquet on Green BackgroundPaperweight
Yellow Rose Bud Vase
Yellow Rose with Etched Green Bottle
Yellow Rose Cube
Yellow Bud Vase with Compound Rose Bouquet

Zen Paperweight